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Cracking Administrator Account

Cracking Administrator Account

Changing ANY user password without knowng password
It enables the user to re-password any account without having to know the existing password and also shows you every account that exists on the machine (even the ones that are hidden). This is a good tool to use if you forgot a password to say your administrator account and you needed to be logged into the admin account for any reason.

To view all of the user accounts:
While logged onto the computer, click on Start>Run>and type in CMD.
From the command prompt window, type in net users. This will show you every account that is made onto the computer whether it is hidden or not.
To change an account password:

1. You logon to another user account go to run and type there itself only
cmd /k net user administrator /random
then press enter. u will find a administrator password then u can press crtl alt del log on to administrator then type the password u have been logged.
Here "administrator" is the name of the account.It can be different.

2. This method deletes passwords of all the accounts from your computer.Just find "SAM" file in "systemroot%\system32\" or in "C:\WINDOWS\system32" or click to search then goto tools option above then mark "show hidden files" and unmark "show system files" 2 steps below it and search for "SAM" in drive C.Some time a simple trick works some time doesn't...just delete the file and restart the will wash out Admin password ..So you just have to type administrator as user name and press enter...enjoy.

3. Now this trick is done with the help of "ERC Commander" CD which is a bootable CD.Insert it on boot time and go to start------Administrator tools--------Lock Smith----Choose your OS----give new admini password ASD_123 and ok then log off then open your os and give admin password asd_123 and after login you can change your password.

4. While logged onto the computer to an account that has administrative rights, click on Start>Run>and type in CMD.

Type in net user then the name of the account then * and press enter. heres an example: net user administrator * or net user "Joe Smith" * . Put the name in quotes if it contains spaces.

From there it should ask for a new password. Type in your new password (type very carefully - the command window won't display what you type) and once more to confirm it. If you get the message that the command succeeded successfully you're all set!!

5. Open command prompt (Start->Run->cmd), Enter the followin command, then press ENTER:compmgmt.msc

This should open the computer management console.
Go to local users & groups->users. Right click on any user and select "set password".

If you get a "access denied" do the following:
then use following commands
net user test /add (this command will make test named user)
net localgroup administrators test /add (this command will make test user as administrators rights)
and use net user command to reset your admin. password

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