Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Connect computes via cable

How are you hooking up the new compute via a cable or via wireless?

You'll want to make sure the network card is enabled, and configured to use DHCP so the router can assign an IP address to them.

Assuming you are running Windows XP please do the following:

1. click on start
2. go to settings
3. open up network connections
4. look to make sure that the network (LAN) is enabled. If it is disabled you will need to enable it by right clicking on it and selecting enable.
5. Once you verified step 4 next right click on the LAN connection and select properties. Find TCP/IP in the list and double click it. Make sure that both the top and bottom portions are set to Automatically get an IP address.
6. Once completed push OK.

Let me know if this worked for you if not you may have some other issues going on with that PC that we need to address.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Auto Shutdown Pc without using any external program

Auto Shutdown Pc without using any external program.......


Do you know that you can make your PC shutdown at a time u wish to?
Here is the trick!!
How To Make A Shutdown Timer!

Step 1:

Right click on your desktop and choose "New=>shortcuts".

Step 2:

In the box that says "Type the location of the shortcut",
type in "shutdown -s -t 3600" without the quotation marks and click next.

Note: 3600 are the amount of seconds before your computer shuts down. So , 60secs*60mins=3600secs.

Step 3:

Make up a name for the shortcut and you're done.
You can change the icon by right clicking=>properities=>change icon=>browse.

To abort:

To make an abort key to stop the shutdown timer just create another shortcut and make
the "location of the shortcut" to " shutdown -a" without the quotes.


Here is another trick to shutdown at a specific time, for example you wish to shutdown at 11:35am. Type this in

Type Code: at 11:35 shutdown -s

to abort


shutdown -a

take note: all time are in 24hr, example u would like to shutdown at 8:30pm, you should type

"at 20:30 shutdown -s" without quote


you can use a batch for that as well it makes it easier to use
just run the batch and enter the time you want it to shutdown

Type Code:
@echo off
title Scheduled Shutdown Batch Example by chacha1234
color A
echo Enter Time To Shutdown (example 19:30)
set /p stime=
at %stime% ""shutdown -s -t 00"" >nul
echo Your PC Will Auto Shutdown At %stime%
echo Press Any Key To Exit
pause >nul

also you can add -c "desired message" at the end of the shutdown command
for example
shutdown -s -t 60 -c "Shutdown Pc"

using this command u can also schedule ur pc to restart
for example
shutdown -r -t 60 -c "Restarting Pc

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to make your start menu to work 100% faster

How to make your start menu to work 100% faster
Here is the trick that will help you to work your start menu 100% more faster,i hope many of them may know this trick before,but this is for the unknown people
step1 : press windows key+ r
step2: type regedit on the run box
step3: select HKEY_CURRENT_USER
step4: below this select the Control panel
step5: Choose Desktop
step 6: in the right window you can able to see this MenuShowDelay click this and change the 400 value to 0 thats it
step 7: Restart your computer

Change windows to your name

Change windows to your name

open notepad dump the following lines into it and save it with the name OEMINFO.INI in the c:\windows\system32 directory:

Manufacturer=Your Name Here
Model=Your Model Here
[Support Information]
Line1=Your Name Here
Line2=Your Address Here
Line3=Your Email Address Here

Save the file, then make a right click on my computer select properties, in the general tab a button will be highlighted (support information) make a click on it, you will be able to see the changes.
Now if you want to display some more information then simply increase the line in the file.
ex: Line4=Your Working Hours Here



This is not a big trick
Just for timepass

Go to start->run
Type regedit
press enter
in registry editor go to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Microsoft->Internet explorer->main
there u will find something like "windows title"
double click on that and change the value data with anything u want
and click ok
press F5
restart ur internet explorer
see the title of it



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