Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Connect computes via cable

How are you hooking up the new compute via a cable or via wireless?

You'll want to make sure the network card is enabled, and configured to use DHCP so the router can assign an IP address to them.

Assuming you are running Windows XP please do the following:

1. click on start
2. go to settings
3. open up network connections
4. look to make sure that the network (LAN) is enabled. If it is disabled you will need to enable it by right clicking on it and selecting enable.
5. Once you verified step 4 next right click on the LAN connection and select properties. Find TCP/IP in the list and double click it. Make sure that both the top and bottom portions are set to Automatically get an IP address.
6. Once completed push OK.

Let me know if this worked for you if not you may have some other issues going on with that PC that we need to address.

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