Monday, March 17, 2008

How To Cheat In Winxp Games

How To Cheat In Winxp Games

XP/2000 Spider Solitaire
edit your wins/loses and winning streak.
How to edit your score and streaks
1. Goto start menu and select run.
2. Type in regedit and hit ok.
a) look for Microsoft and than spider.
b) hit F3 and search for spider.
4. Look for the following
a) HighScore_(dificulty)=Set the value to set your high scores.
b) StreakCurrent_(dificulty), StreakLosses_(dificulty)and StreakWins_(dificulty)= Edit your streak records.
c) Wins(dificulty)= Edit your winning records.
d) Losses_(dificulty)= Edit your lossing records. (dificulty)

XP/2000: Cheat at Hearts
how to see all cards at Microsoft Hearts.
1. Open start menu
2. Click run
3. Type regedit and hit ok
4. Look for Hkey_Current_User Software......Applets Hearts
(or hit F3 and look for hearts under applets)
Editors Note : Will be something similar to this where the dots are replaced by numbers...
HKEY_USERS\ ... \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersi on\Applets \Hearts

5. Right-click in the blank area on the right side and select new string value.
6. Title the new string ZB.
7. Right click on the string ZB you just made and hit modify.
8. In value data there should be a 0 , replace it with a 42.
9. Now when playing game, just press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F12,
and you will see all cards.
10. Enjoy.

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