Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A simple Batch program

A simple Batch program

Open an MS-DOS command window or get to MS-DOS

# At the MS-DOS prompt, type edit test.bat and press enter.
# If typed properly, you should now be in a blue screen. Within the screen, type:

dir c:\windows
dir c:\windows\system

Microsoft Windows

# Click Start
# Click Run
# Type "notepad" and press enter.
# Once notepad is open, type the below lines in the file or copy and paste the below lines into notepad.

@echo off
echo Hello this is a test batch file
dir c:\windows

Lock the screen (Windows 2000): using batch program

RUNDLL32 USER32.DLL,LockWorkStation

save as .bat


Vivek said...

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then whats new..tell me.
and i hve posted this for all ...who hve seen it before also and who dont nw it...can see it first time..so its nver old..ok.
maybe u hve be thorugh it..but its not that every one..must knwing it...fine



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