Thursday, March 6, 2008

Use your 30 day trial version for as many days....

Use your 30 day trial version for as many days....
Hi Friends,

Try this freeware program called setasdate. Just copy this program into the program files folder of the particular program which is running on a trial basis & set the date for the program. It does not change the system date but instead only sets the date for that particular program. My cuteftp trial showed 1 days remaining. I used setasdate program & now it is still showing 1 day remaining since the last 2 weeks. This is good if you download any Adobe softwares as they are 30 day trial softwares. But once your PC is formatted, the registry might register it as trial expired & things wont work. (P.S. wont work with trials that have expired)


(Doesnt require installation)

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Anonymous said...

but what is setasdate is a software and if it is then from where i get it.please tell me at
your suggestions are awesome and i liked them but my broadband don't increases. tell me and thanks for all the things.



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