Monday, April 7, 2008

BEFORE you go VISTA, READ THIS from Microsoft!

Please read this important information before proceeding

• System requirements
View system requirements and information on Windows Vista Capable and Premium Ready PCs.

• Release notes
View the release notes for Windows Vista RC1 (available in English only).

• Upgrade limitations
You may not be able to upgrade your installation of Windows Vista RC1 to the final, commercially available edition of Windows Vista. To upgrade, you will need to acquire the final edition of Windows Vista and you may have to do a clean installation.

• Time-limited software
Windows Vista RC1 is time-limited, pre-release software that will expire on June 1, 2007.

• Beta support policy
This is pre-release (beta) software distributed for trial and testing purposes only.
Microsoft does not provide technical support for beta releases.

Although formal support is not offered for this beta, we have provided newsgroups to help answer questions you may have related to the installation and use of Windows Vista RC1.
To join or read postings in these newsgroups, please visit

• 2007 Office System Beta 2 compatibility
If you are using 2007 Office system Beta 2 be sure to download the 2007 Microsoft Office system Beta 2 Technical Refresh, the most recent update. (The Technical Refresh is required to use Office Beta 2 with Windows Vista RC1.)

• Installation limitations
There are three installation scenarios for Windows Vista RC1:

1. You can do a clean installation.

This process will overwrite any data that you have on your hard disk or on your installation partition. The overwritten data will be lost and unrecoverable.

2. You can upgrade an existing installation of Windows XP.

3. You can upgrade an existing installation of Windows Vista Beta 2.

No other installation scenarios are supported.

Upgrading to this beta from any other edition of Windows requires a clean installation, as described in option 1.

In addition, once you install Windows Vista RC1, you cannot roll back to the previous operating system installation—you will either have to acquire and install the final released edition of Windows Vista or reinstall a previous edition of Windows.

Before installing Windows Vista RC1 on any computer, please remember to back up all your files.

Upgrading from Windows Vista Beta 2
Please install any Critical Updates from Windows Update before upgrading from Beta 2 to RC1.
Go to Start, All Programs, Windows Update, and click the "Check for Updates" button.
Note: Please close any open applications before beginning an upgrade. During installation, we recommend that you have an active Internet connection and choose Go online to get the latest updates for installation.

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