Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New vista shortcuts

Known thing
+d. Which display's the desktop.

+e is for Explorer and Windows Key

+r launches the Run dialog box.

+L is switch user or user exit

New Vista Shortcuts
+u activates the Ease of Use Center. (Used for turning ON/OFF Narrator or Magnify).

+t cycles through programs in Taskbar

+Tab activates the new Vista feature called Flip 3-D.New keyboards r having a special key dedicated to this Flip 3-D.This feature is addition to Alt +Tab.

+g switches b/w Gadgets.

+spacebar brings Gadgets to front.

+x cycles thought the Mobility Center.

+a All Programs
F8 to Shutdown computer
F6 to Restart computer
F4 to Log Off

+d Desktop

+e Explorer
+f Search (Find)
+g Gadgets
+l Lock workstation
+m Minimise
+r Run Command (Try with '\' backspace)
+t Quick Launch (Taskbar)
+u Ease of Access Center
+x Mobility Center
+Tab Flip 3-d feature
+Pause / Break key System Tabs

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